They call me Nat.

..well in some places, I’m called Tasha, Tash, and Sha. I have a pretty long name, but it has been reduced to T at times, depending on the company that I keep. Crazy eh? Only my professors call me Natasha. My mom calls me by my full name when she is pissed at me or demands my fullest attention. Family back home uses my middle name. I think the reason why is because the name sounds more Malay. Nice to the ears, or so I have been told. I got the nickname Nat eons ago. The boring story goes like this; a boy in school (and his cohorts) was name-calling certain kids in my primary 6 class. We were all 12 years of age at that time and could not care any less. I remember there was a girl who got nicknamed ‘Blackie’ to represent the literature piece ‘Black Beauty’ but in actuality, she was called so because of her skin colour. Yes, 12 year olds can be such pricks.  Thank God the nickname did not stick, but I can still remember how embarrassed she was in front of her little peers. Then came my turn, and this boy called it out loudly: NUT! NATasha = NUTasha. Geddit? Nut (peanut) means kacang in my mother tongue. The word also means easy/piece of cake.  Told ya, bunch of pricks. They tried calling me kacang for the next couple of weeks but in the end, Nat got stuck all through primary, high school, college until this day. Even my friends’ parents, siblings and their kids call me Nat. Ah well.

I started this blog because I wanted a platform to share my thoughts without restrictions and to improve my writing skills a blog post at a time. I am constantly amazed at the wonders and consequences of blogging. In here, I am not obligated to deliver my best, or feel the disturbing urge to succumb to any form of pressure. It is just between me, my crazy mind and my beloved Pro.

This is the beginning of a wonderful affair.



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