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Please call me ‘Sayang’

“Oppa, saranghae!” is a phrase I’ll never utter to a man. More like it’s doubtful I’ll ever get the chance to, unless I somehow manage to snag a Korean fella along the way. I like the ring to the word, it sounds respectful but at the same time, it gives away a hint of ‘something’ … Continue reading

crossing over

I’m currently west coast bound, heading towards the land where the sun is shining brightly, so much so that you can feel the warmth sweeping on your face; or so I was told. Here’s hoping the weatherman wasn’t trying to put my hopes high up that led me to plan this ‘spontaneous’ trip without thinking … Continue reading

“Excuse me miss, are you a Muslim?”

I nodded slowly, affirming to what he had just asked. He gave me his most adorable smile and greeted ” Assalammuailaikum,”  So I politely asked him the same question as he did after replying ‘Waalaikummusalam’, and added, ” Where are you from?,” he replied, “Oh, no. I’m from Sweden. I’ve never met someone like you … Continue reading

attraction vs. temptation and vice versa

can you resist the urge to covet for something that is close to being forbidden? i know the saying that ‘everything is possible’, but how do you muster the strength to deny wanting something that is so beyond your reach, that even if you are given a slight glimmer of hope, you know deep within … Continue reading

what did you do during the night of Oscars?

I got plenty done on Sunday. Caught up on some reading, went to buy some essentials, returned an accidental purchase, met up with N at her place, replied to a distress text from Z and to end the night, we went for what supposedly be a nice dinner to blow off some steam, so to … Continue reading

What’s in the name?

Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I am a reformed shopaholic. I can say that with the utmost confidence and a little sense of pride simply because i am happy with what I’ve accomplished. It wasn’t hard for me to curb the insatiable need to make that one last purchase … Continue reading

Doing my bit, but is it enough?

I had an eye opening experience last Thursday when I decided to volunteer for Food Bank For New York City and spending almost half of my day putting the need of others before mine, witnessing first hand the challenges of those who are not as fortunate as I am, face on a daily basis. I … Continue reading

Top 60 list

good friends are hard to find, they say. good friends who remained close but have had the obstacles in terms of geography and time-zone diference; with only the yearly postcards to keep the friendship glued together is even harder, or so they say. good friends who got caught up in their unassuming lives, only to … Continue reading


national carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is in a shitload of trouble. cutting off more routes both domestically and internationally is not helping the airline one bit. in a recent candid discussion with a close friend of mine who has been living abroad and globe trotting for the past 15 years or so had somehow hit … Continue reading

kecoh satu dunia

the world’s abuzz with the latest jaw dropping news of a Malay Malaysian Muslim (and henceforth with be abbreviated as MMM) who recently got hitched to a mat salleh in a civil ceremony somewhere abroad. no biggie kan? plenty of MMMs who have been leaving overseas ended up getting married to someone local, doesn’t always … Continue reading