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attraction vs. temptation and vice versa

can you resist the urge to covet for something that is close to being forbidden? i know the saying that ‘everything is possible’, but how do you muster the strength to deny wanting something that is so beyond your reach, that even if you are given a slight glimmer of hope, you know deep within … Continue reading

what did you do during the night of Oscars?

I got plenty done on Sunday. Caught up on some reading, went to buy some essentials, returned an accidental purchase, met up with N at her place, replied to a distress text from Z and to end the night, we went for what supposedly be a nice dinner to blow off some steam, so to … Continue reading

feline love

i miss my cats. (Craaap. I need to express my mild frustration here. Bloody WordPress did not auto save my draft so when i accidently hit the refresh button, all that I’ve written was lost! Gggrrrr. So here’s my second take on this post.) So..yeah my cats. they are turning 2 this coming may. They … Continue reading

Top 60 list

good friends are hard to find, they say. good friends who remained close but have had the obstacles in terms of geography and time-zone diference; with only the yearly postcards to keep the friendship glued together is even harder, or so they say. good friends who got caught up in their unassuming lives, only to … Continue reading

raya abroad is a b***h.

*drooling, drooling, drools* ah yes..kuih tart nenas. a must-have kuih for raya. i daresay, eid mubarak in malaysia would not be the same without this said kuih. the makciks and kuih makers must have raked tons of profits overcharging their customers every year, as muslims (and some non muslims as well) prepare wayy in advance for … Continue reading

six months came and went

okay..lets do a quick round up on what’s been happening so far in my pursue of a higher education, better life experience, exposure to all things wonderful and the bittersweet challenges that come with it. i’ve completed my spring sem with (almost) flying colours. made some new awesome friends. improved my command in spanish (though … Continue reading

Proud momma

I finally did it. After years of longing and contemplation, I listened to the voice within and succumbed  to my over readiness. That resulted me ending up with two most adorable and lovable 2 month old kittens. Honestly I don’t know how to begin my story, as everything happened rather quick with little hesitation if … Continue reading