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crossing over

I’m currently west coast bound, heading towards the land where the sun is shining brightly, so much so that you can feel the warmth sweeping on your face; or so I was told. Here’s hoping the weatherman wasn’t trying to put my hopes high up that led me to plan this ‘spontaneous’ trip without thinking much of the possible consequences of my actions.

“Gotta travel at least once a month before heading back home for good,” I told myself. This year should be better than the last, to create beautiful memories and move forward; to never look back and wonder ‘what if?’ and to never allow self-doubt conquer my confidence.

Alhamdulillah, I’m on the right track so far with the support and guidance of those whom are very dear to me, and those I’ve grown to trust and appreciate in recent times. I took my time in realizing that life is not a bed of roses, all pretty, perfect and picturesque. It is filled with injustices, challenges, surprises and unknown variables that will undoubtedly shape the person in you. In my continuous journey of self-discovery and never-ending search of absolute certainty, I’ve learned to open my mind and heart to anything that’ll come my way.

Curve balls and unsuspecting threats, meet hidden & unleashed fervor like you’ve never seen before.




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