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feline love

i miss my cats.

(Craaap. I need to express my mild frustration here. Bloody WordPress did not auto save my draft so when i accidently hit the refresh button, all that I’ve written was lost! Gggrrrr. So here’s my second take on this post.)

So..yeah my cats. they are turning 2 this coming may. They share the same birthday as i do. Awesome eh? And boy, have they grown so much! Ollie has a beer belly and sleeps on my old study chair that my parents have converted into his ‘bed’. No humans or animals alike can park their asses on that chair, or else. And then there’s Pepper, whom I must admit to favour more than her brother. She is just frickin adorable and was my loyal (for a brief time) companion who now prefers to sleep in the bathroom’s sink. She too has her own chair for her convenience that my parents have reserved strictly for her use. There are times when O&P would cram what little space there is in one corner and sleep/snuggle together, looking all adorable, asking for attention without even trying. Nice eh? They’re a smart pair I must say. Sneaky. They put puss in boots to shame. Really.

I often ask my parents why, why do they pamper O&P so much? I mean the cats must know that they are being showered with love and material goods all the damn time. My dad said to me, ” they are your babies. We are simply taking care of them while you are away” hah. Right. It is a transference of affection, is what it is. My parents see me in my cats. I swear on one occasion my mum called Pepper ‘baby’. I mean..seriously. I worry about the cats more than my beloved parents. Pepper has a mind of her own. She loves the attention but she hates being smothered all the same. And mom has this tendency to hug her like a squishy soft toy plus, mom talks to her. Yep, they communicate with each other. If something pisses her off (the cat not the mom), she will start biting fabrics off just to prove a point. While she sulks, my dad will be so worried that he will then (over)compensate by
buying more cat goodies for her. Ollie apparently couldn’t give two hoots as long as he is well fed and has a decent spot to sleep undisturbed. Yes, my adopted, rescued cats have grown into divas.

I suspect that pepper suffers from pica but dad refuses to believe that she is ‘sick’ in any way and pretty adamant with his diagnosis that pepper is just hungry for lil’ extra attention. Talking about self denial eh? Let’s see…so far my favourite pet has eaten bits and pieces of my dad’s favourite pants, mom’s silk top, their undergarments, socks, cushion covers, mats, towels and God knows what else.

But all the same, I love the little rascals so dearly and miss them twice as much. Just by looking at their photos can put a smile on my face. Though I know they are driving my parents up the wall, i must say that without O&P, the house would have been pretty quiet, that and a somber atmosphere to accompany my stay at home mom. She wouldn’t have anyone to ‘bicker’ with and brighten her day. Nowadays when we Skype, first thing that they would tell me is about the cats, how naughty they have been, how fat they have gotten etc etc. Usually when that happens both cats would come up and join the conversation. They would meow non stop till one of my parents concede defeat and give his or her undivided attention. At that moment, i’d feel like a middle child suffering from the syndrome synonym to the cause. Cats really do know how to steal a show. Sheesh.

They better be able to recognize me when I return home. Or else I’ll be speed dialing SPCA without so much of a blink of an eye. Heh. *evil smirk* I can hear the cats meowing from here. We have come to a mutual agreement, reciprocate my love or balik kampung ! Muahaha

Okay folks, good night. I’ve stayed up long enough. Toodles.




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