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Top 60 list

Top 60 list

good friends are hard to find, they say. good friends who remained close but have had the obstacles in terms of geography and time-zone diference; with only the yearly postcards to keep the friendship glued together is even harder, or so they say. good friends who got caught up in their unassuming lives, only to meet a couple years later at some random, unexpected reunion, but still manage to run to each other’s arms for a long and warm embrace is much, much harder to find, or so they say.

last i saw of S was when both A and i decided to pay her a visit in HCM City some three years ago or so. since then, plenty had taken place and the three of us had tried to remain in touch but life got in the way and we were all too busy managing our own affairs and in the process, missed out on some significant events in each others’ lives.

so what can one do in such predicament? the way i see it, attempting to turn back the time is so not a viable option, more like a futile one and pretending that the widening gap doesn’t exist is just plain silly, not to mention that the 3 of us are pretty sensible women despite our appearances. we should know better. we really do.

have we grown apart? most definitely. have we matured over the years? certainly. can we make sense of one another? hell, yes. i was taken by surprise when it was let known to me that S was making her way to the Big Apple. i couldn’t believe it at first, but seconds after i went on full valley girl mode and screamed : OH MY GAWWDDDDDDD to the receiving end of the phone call, and i could hear her giggling, acknowledging that i was indeed ecstatic to hear the news.

It’ll take forever for me to document the details of our ‘adventure’ together during her brief stay in NYC but suffice to say that we had a blast hanging out just the two of us (sans A, cos sadly she’s in a different continent) reminiscing the past, enjoying the present and sharing future plans without a care to the rest of the world. It may sound selfish but can you blame a girl for feeling right at home after a year being abroad? Little things that seem trivial to some nearly sent me to tears (cue dramatic tune), just because.

S remembered how I like my eggs, and during our first meal together in Manhattan, she separated the egg yolk from my dish before i even had a spoonful and when i looked at her blankly she went, “hmm? you don’t like the egg yolk right?” i was like, “you still remember?” S blinked once and said matter of factly, “of course Tasha! we were roommates!” i could have sobbed like a baby right there and then but instead i said to her, “soooos!” with a huge, silly grin on my face. the remaining days of her stay here were pretty much similar filled with joy, laughter and pure madness.

so that was that. saranghae Soos. love you too Flubs. love you both to bits.




3 thoughts on “Top 60 list

  1. heehee i love you more! thanks for taking care of me in NYC.
    From your lady drama…

    OH I want those picturessss!!! heehee

    Posted by S | February 14, 2012, 4:21 am
  2. hahahha. i can vividly imagine in my mind your conversation with soos (i can tell that you are STILL soooo bloody HYPER just from your message!!) about the eggs. I miss you guys both! It’s been too long!

    Lots of love….


    Posted by A | February 20, 2012, 1:21 pm

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