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national carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is in a shitload of trouble. cutting off more routes both domestically and internationally is not helping the airline one bit. in a recent candid discussion with a close friend of mine who has been living abroad and globe trotting for the past 15 years or so had somehow hit a nerve so to speak. not that i couldn’t agree more with her views, but there is always this uneasy feeling that i would get whenever anyone foreign has something unflattering to say about anything remotely related to Malaysia. perhaps because her logic was sound that i was forced to face the unpleasant truth; that MAS is indeed a crappy airline, definitely not worthy of its title of “world’s best cabin staff“. one can argue that the cabin crew’s performance has got nothing to do with the airline’s fall from grace that puts the blame on the inevitable hike on fuel costs and increased competition, but i simply cannot believe that MAS had won the coveted award for a record of six times whereas i, a former MAS flyer had never experienced a decent, memorable service from our so-called award winning cabin staff!

so maybe i could only afford to fly economy, or maybe because i’m Malaysian (see the irony?); therefore not so high up on the priority list, whatever the reasons may be; i’m almost certain that the poll had been rigged all these years.

unlike me, my expat friend had nice things to say about MAS’ award winning cabin crew. BUT, she also had been on the receiving end of their not-so-flattering award winning side. when i asked her how so, she plainly said: “maybe ‘cos of my oriental features, maybe they thought i was a Malaysian,”

HAH. award winning crew lah sangat. i don’t know how exactly do they function as a unit, as the ‘face’ of Malaysia, making that very vital first impression so that the passengers will decide to fly with the airline again in the future. preferential treatment is a destructive path to take. ask any kid who had been sidelined, neglected and ‘forgotten’ by their parents because of their other siblings.

what can MAS do to get back on its feet? who are the real culprits behind the airline’s declining status? some of the comments i’ve read and reactions i’ve heard had suggested the lack of proper organizational structure, issues of cronyism, expensive fares and bad customer service are to be blamed and these are the issues that should be addressed urgently instead of cutting more routes that would only benefit other airlines to flourish and be highly visible in the eyes of all flyers in the world.

i think that makes perfect sense. don’t you think? i would like to want to fly MAS again, not merely because it is the flag carrier but for valid and sound reasons. i am willing to pay for a good service just as long as i know that i will get my money’s worth. because presently, (and for the past few years) i’m favouring SIngapore Airlines (SIA) over Malaysia Airlines. now you’ve got to admit, that is saying something.



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