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the world’s abuzz with the latest jaw dropping news of a Malay Malaysian Muslim (and henceforth with be abbreviated as MMM) who recently got hitched to a mat salleh in a civil ceremony somewhere abroad. no biggie kan? plenty of MMMs who have been leaving overseas ended up getting married to someone local, doesn’t always have to be mat sallehs, but you get the point do you?

okay, so when i said ‘the world’ i meant Malaysia (and ONLY Malaysia) and did i mention that this particular MMM isn’t exactly straight? and by straight, i’m referring to his sexual orientation, not his character.

i got to know about it this morning eastern time, so this is pretty much news to me. it got my attention because i first read about it in Huffington Post which led me to Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and today’s article in NST. After reading these articles and the readers’ comments, i still can’t seem to separate the facts from fiction, therefore i’m not going to get into the details of what actually took place.

i was however fascinated nay, intrigued by the public’s reaction to the news. the comments were a varying degree of thoughts and opinions that undoubtedly based on several known factors (but not limited to) such as, personal beliefs, cultural influences, general perception, lack of knowledge, misinformation and political propagandas.

a standout remark that caught my attention was a comment posted in HP, whereby the reader had suggested those who might be interested to know the thoughts of “educated Malaysians” on the subject matter. granted, there were negative remarks from other readers that were aiming Malaysia as a country solely based on one MMM’s buzz worthy headline. now, that’s just isn’t fair at all don’t you think? okay, okay, so in all fairness, ‘fair’ is overrated and rather subjective as nothing is always as clear cut as black and white. but when the reader had mentioned “educated Malaysians”, i feel like i was being categorized somewhat. i think it sends a mixed signal to the rest of the world as to how we Malaysians are as a nation in a whole. i agree, many of us have different views in issues related to homosexuality, given the fact that it is a sensitive matter to discuss back home.

i wonder, just how exactly educated are these “educated Malaysians”? was this label made to refer to the scholars who specialize in gender and religious matters? or to the different social classes based on certain merits and privileges? this is not the first time that i’ve heard the term being used to justify a certain discontentment or discord. it should be known by now that regardless of backgrounds and political affiliations, the rakyat will always have something to say. due to the sensitivity of this issue, the news was blown out of proportion thus creating an unnecessary tension between us Malaysians and in the process had subjected a family to a lifelong emotional pain and embarrassment.

however, this is not to say that i find the MMM’s actions to be right or wrong, or whether it should be taken lightly but i sincerely think that more focus should be given to other pressing issues and problems that are plighting our beloved country. no, i’m not talking about the newly officiated Johor Factory Outlet. really. but, surely there is plenty to be concerned about folks, we are after all striving to become a fully developed nation.

i can’t speak on behalf of all MMMs out there, but i for one have my fair share of sins and am in no position to judge a fellow MMM actions that were not deemed righteous or in accordance to Islam. i am sure that he was mentally sound when he made the decision to ‘marry’ and knew the heat that he was going to receive from interested parties. i can also relate to the dissatisfaction of those who could only wish to be handed the opportunity that was awarded to him; the chance of a scholarship and the prospect of a brighter future. but like the Malay saying goes, nasi dah menjadi bubur, what’s done can’t be undone. he will[should] shoulder the responsibilities and/or consequences of his actions and the rest of us should resume attending to our own affairs.

i daresay this would be the last time that i will use the abbreviation MMM. i personally dislike the idea of categorizing the rakyat by race because in the end of it all, despite the ongoing conflicts, disparities and dramas, we are Malaysians – satu bangsa. it may sound a little naive and bordering the territory of wishful thinking, but do share with me, what is the alternative?

i bid you selamat malam from the city that (supposedly) never sleeps. tomorrow will be a different day and here’s hoping that it will be better than today.



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