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six months came and went

okay..lets do a quick round up on what’s been happening so far in my pursue of a higher education, better life experience, exposure to all things wonderful and the bittersweet challenges that come with it.

i’ve completed my spring sem with (almost) flying colours. made some new awesome friends. improved my command in spanish (though now i have a slight ecuadorian and puerto rican accent. my spanish prof back in kl would probably cringe in mild despair). met fellow malaysians who are just as awesome if not just plain gila. have visited some interesting places with my favourite(so far) being the high line@chelsea and the east river by the brooklyn bridge. i have gone to both mainstream and indie gigs, the best so far, without a doubt  was explosion in the sky@radio music city hall. it was also a first for me to go to a concert where there were people smoking weed before the opening act got to do a soundcheck. the stench was so bad i thought i was going to get high by just being a secondary smoker. i left the gig feeling alive and downed with all sorts of emotions. i also left radio city with my hair smelling like raw weed. o well.

i’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer in charity events. first one was the Revlon Walkathon fight against cancer@Times Sq and most recently the Duane Reed AIDS Walk@Central Park. i was supposed to participate in the walk but coincidently, there was a Malaysia Day celebration in Flushing where they have Malaysian FOOD and goodies served all day long. so it was a no brainer decision and i ended up being a volunteer je lah. i’ve experienced anonymous meetings just to see if they are truly like what you see on tv. thing is, i don’t think it’s fair nor ethical for me to talk about them now that i’ve been on the front row seat.  sorry peeps. suffice to say the experience was educational and had left me wanting more.

i’ve found my favourite spot – the somewhat hidden Shakespeare Garden@Central Park. now that i go for a routine brisk walk and non excessive jog on alternate days at the park, i’m beginning to understand the big fuss over this little(using the word as an euphemism here) park. don’t be mistaken though, there are other parks in Manhattan like say the one in Madison Sq, but Central Park is like an overcrowded screaming beauty that you can’t help to be drawn to it. overcrowding seems like a synonym closely associated to New York, simply because there are lots of people everywhere you go! my recent trip to Coney Island with the girls during the Memorial Day weekend was a fun-filled one albeit the sun scorching heat and, yeah – the ant farm lot of humans gathering at the the boardwalk, beach and carnival parks; all trying to do what we went there to do – fake a bloody beach holiday.

we were wondering, "why aren't we in shorts??"

now that summer is here, i still have plenty to accomplish. be done with summer sem ( i still get asked as to why i enrolled for summer school, “Tasha, its summer for God’s sake!”), work my way through this season for my internship, which i love by the way. must also get my modjo back and be serious about photography, a friend of mine is offering her time to get me into the right groove and probably shadow her when she takes pics for work. all i need now is a damn camera. that olympus PEN i’ve been wanting is still packed nicely at B&H, just waiting for me to come get it and bring it home to me where it belongs 🙂 will do that sometime this week. promise.

i must also take full advantage of summer as there are plenty of free gigs and events floating around in existence somewhere. just need to get my hands on the tickets, is all.

gotta take note of the things i’ve allowed to go missing. must be extra careful with my belongings. as of today, my Jaspal scarf was blown away by the wind while it was wrapped around my neck on the way to the movies. no shit okay. there is no other explanation. i’ve checked and back traced my steps. the wind is the culprit. my Clubmaster was stolen right underneath my nose. it was partially my fault, but damn, it was stolen nonetheless. the look on that lady’s face is still fresh in my mind. i’ve jampi her, let time do its thing. my Premier Mastercard pulled a CrissAngel on me and i don’t know who to blame for this. probably should take a look in the mirror. nantilah. a dvd from Netflix was never found nor recovered. told them it went missing in postal delivery. o well.

apa lagi eh? to continue writing and snail mailing to people who don’t write back? check. to be less spendthrift in the coming and ongoing summer sale? check. to venture into things that are mindblowingly fun? check. to go visit more exhibitions? check. to go be a tourist and visit the attractions that i never quite actually get to do when i first got here? check. to prepare for fall sem? HAH! not just yet. to start checking out and most likely stalk the potentially new hottie neighbor whom I’m hoping is going to move in pretty soon? double check dowh!

okay, ta for now. my day is already late.

p.s shout out to Moon&Aidil for the birth of their daughter whose name i do not know. Congrats to you both! xx



2 thoughts on “six months came and went

  1. love the picture sistah! hahahah….

    Posted by Yani Iman | June 12, 2011, 4:26 am
  2. of course babeh! credits to Queen B – YANI! 😀

    Posted by andilovehim | June 12, 2011, 12:22 pm

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