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friday is now the beginning of my weekend!

TGIF yo!

the roomie and i had wanted to catch the newly released summer blockbuster – xmen: first class on tuesday, well it was more of me suggesting it to her. it was my way of saying ‘thank you’ for pulling off a great birthday weekend for me.

the initial plan was, after the movies we were supposed to treat our eyes/ cuci mata at madison’s shake shack while brunching before heading to the MET to check out Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition. well, that didn’t happen.

here’s what did happen:

we woke up late. no thanks to a hectic thursday. after getting ready, we left the apartment in a mad rush trying to catch the bus. naturally, we missed it. stupid Select Buses. so, we had to wait for a bit till the next one arrived. oh, plus there was mad traffic on the whole stretch of 2nd Ave. it took us almost an hour to reach the theater. we even missed the 10.45am session as originally planned. thank God there was an 11.30 show! (note: a tix costs only 6 bucks for shows before noon; everyday; for all movies). with only 5 mins till the movie starts, we managed to make a quick pit stop at the nearby starbucks and smuggled in our purchased food and drinks into the cinema hall. hah!

so, x-men first class was Amayyyyzing! i went into the cinema without expectations, cos it was well, x-men. the previous three or was it four films were mediocre at best. it was entertaining to some level, but not at all memorable. they somehow fell flat, without the desired ‘uumph‘. during the 2 hr flick, both aliaa and i were too distracted with micheal fassbender’s erik lehnsherr/magneto and john mcavoy’s charles xavier/prof X onscreen personas. it is a movie worth watching and left many of the audience wanting for more even after the credits have rolled and ended. needless to say, we will most probably catch it again before the dreaded and long summer school break begins. we possess very little tolerance when it comes to high school kids. don’t ask why.

we went to madison ave soon after only to find a long ass line at shake shack’s counter. took us about ten mins to decide whether to stay or find another spot to have brunch. we opted for the latter and ended up walking to st marks and dined at the smith 🙂 by then it was almost 4pm..no way that we could go to the MET to spend only 1-2 hours at the exhibition.

i decided that i wanted to get myself a brand new Clubmaster, having lost my previous one to some unfortunate, and not to mention stupid event. aliaa told me that we should go to sunglass hut, a mere 15mins walk from where we were at. Rrright. the place was@SoHo and college was just a few blocks away from the boutique. the whole idea of this Friday outing was to not think about work and school. haha.

the first boutique was crammed and didnt have much to offer, so we went to the next branch that was just 5 mins away. and that was it, we went nuts trying on a whole lot of sunnies. from Rayban to Persol to D&G to Tom Ford to Burberry and whatnots. they had a computer with camera to enable customers to snap photo of themselves while donning the sunnies in vain hope that us customers will decide which sunnies suit us best. fat chance man. aliaa and i went somewhat overboard and took a few snaps and  after spending quite sometime ‘deciding’ on the best sunglasses, we walked out of the boutique without a single purchase. haha. i should have gotten the Persol though.sigh.

before making our way to the nearest subway station, we paid steve madden a visit, i gave in to temptation and got a pair of flats. upon reaching home, i made a haste decision to go to the nearby beauty parlour to get rid of the excess hair my body is fond of reproducing. hah. that was when i realized my mastercard is really missing. earlier the day, i was partially confident that i might have left it at the apartment, somewhere..called the customer service centre to get it cancelled. the lady informed me that all of my auto debit payment accounts will be automatically cancelled as well. great. more phone calls to be made and follow up emails to be sent.

convinced myself to do some exercising and made my way to central park. since it’s summer now, the sun will not set till about 8ish. just my luck that there was a film screening nearby the turtle pond, so the park was brightly lit. went home after an hour, took a shower, got ready again, met up with the girls, went home after getting calls, texts and emails from the boss regarding some last min details of tomorrow’s (today’s) event and stayed up till about 4am.

it was in the midst of getting my work sorted out that i had an unexpected urge to listen to Rahim Maarof’s songs. went youtube-ing for usang, syakila and istana menanti and boy, i was immediately transported to my glory (younger) years and memories started flooding in and i found myself grinning alone like an idiot. okay..okay, so there was a time when i had wished to be named syakila and that rahim maarof was a couple of years younger that what he was then. he is probably as old as my parents lah. but oh well. wishful thinking is a pretty thing and the man is hot.

anyways, the songs did an awesome job to keep me wide awake and i had managed to get all of the work done and some shut eyes at that. yeay for me.

so a new day begins. good day all 🙂



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