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mat salleh o mat salleh

Senario di suatu restoren yang boleh tahan mahalnya di metropolis manhattan,”so, ladies what will you have this lovely afternoon? Would you like to hear our specials for today?” Hot lady #1 menjawab dengan penuh konfiden nya, “oh no, its alright hun, I know what i’ll be having. Get me one roti kanai and a bowl … Continue reading

six months came and went

okay..lets do a quick round up on what’s been happening so far in my pursue of a higher education, better life experience, exposure to all things wonderful and the bittersweet challenges that come with it. i’ve completed my spring sem with (almost) flying colours. made some new awesome friends. improved my command in spanish (though … Continue reading

friday is now the beginning of my weekend!

TGIF yo! the roomie and i had wanted to catch the newly released summer blockbuster – xmen: first class on tuesday, well it was more of me suggesting it to her. it was my way of saying ‘thank you’ for pulling off a great birthday weekend for me. the initial plan was, after the movies … Continue reading