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gone and forgotten

there is a Malay saying that goes, ” jauh dimata, dekat dihati”

i think it is a load of crap. i turned 27 20ish yesterday and apart from the significant other(who was the first to wish me from Malaysia), mom&dad, the roomie(the first person in States to wish me), and Flubs (who rang me up, eventually), none of my closest buddies called, emailed, snailed, messaged or IMed me to say “Happy Birthday”. instead, i had long lost friends whom i had reconnected with, friends who are also long away from home, friends whom i’d least expect to remember me – let alone my birthday and new friends i’ve made since i first got here five months ago; they are the ones who called, emailed, sent actual birthday cards and delivered parcels throughout my birthday week!

i don’t know if they have forgotten about this minor detail simply because of the distance that separates us or because I no longer have a FB account to help them remember the day i was born some 20 years ago? i have noticed this unhealthy practice of most people nowadays who rely heavily on tech and social media in sorting out their day to day schedules and appointments. i still jot everything down in my trusted moleskin that i carry almost everywhere with me, and a pen is always available in my handbag too. i carry these two essentials more so often than my mobile! i’m a traditionalist in that way. a journal and/or a diary is much more personal than any electronic devices money can buy. i can’t argue for the rest of the beings out there, but this sentiment should not be challenged on the flimsy basis of “how so” or because of any other reason a person could come up with. Period.

which brings me back to my beloved friends who couldn’t remember my birthday without the help of FB’s notification or being reminded by someone else who does. it is not a pretty situation but i must say that i can relate to the matter. i used to be somewhat ignorant. someone who feels bad afterwards for forgetting but tries her damnest hard to make up for it.

i believe that now i have become someone who doesn’t forget the important dates in her life and of those to whom she is closest to. but i do try, it is an ongoing process for me. i try to jot down as many important bits in my trusted moleskin. because the truth is, birthdays and anniversaries are ought to be remembered and celebrated. the person might put on the “i’m indifferent to these sort of things” front or even pull a “it’s okay, it’s not important” skit, but c’mon there is no denying the feel-good rush that flows within you when someone gives you a hug, a kiss or even a mere verbal birthday greeting on the one day that you have the rights to feel and be treated with a little extra TLC!

i would like to thank those who didn’t forget.

those who took the pains to plan a surprise birthday dinner. i know it was hard.

those who showered me with well wishes, prez and memorable moments together.

thank you oh so much.

a very happy birthday to those who celebrated his+her+its birthday yesterday, the 26th of may 2011! hope your day was as special as mine.

hugs x



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