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Just another Wednesday

The day started very slow for me. Woke up past noon, thanks to the annoying beeping sound of my new fancy mobile, indicating that i have several unread messages. Checked all of them, and surprise, surprise one of the emails came from my film industry professor telling me that  there will be a shoot at 5ish later in the evening. apparently it has got something to do with the college’s coming film festival. Replied to her email saying “count me in prof, i’m up for anything new”. So dragged my feet from doing my daily chores and showered at about 4ish, got ready and made my way to college. I found the professor and few other students were already in the midst of the shoot. Spent about 30 mins of impromptu posing with half of the time not knowing why I was there or what my role was in the shoot. But I had fun nonetheless, prof Landry is always a joy to be around with. Then, both Aliaa and I rushed to 5th ave by cab, not before getting half soaked because of the rain and our skin grazed, no thanks to the unexpected hailstones. Aliaa had gotten tickets for the NY premier of Margin Call which supposedly be a must-watch film. This was going to be my maiden major premier so i was all psyched up! We made it just in time to witness Penn Badgley wooing the crowd at the main lobby of MOMA with cameras flashing away from every direction. The director of the feature film-  JC Chandor was being interviewed by a swarm of reporters and there was a long line of people queuing up for the remaining tickets to the premier. I was too busy convincing myself that I was indeed at a premier and that I should just act cool and not gawk like an idiot. At that precise moment, Penn walked right past me looking every bit of a hot looking stud wearing a perfectly tailored tux in effortless perfection. That was also the time where I realized that my trusted canon digi camera ran out of battery. Awesome eh? So I resorted to my flashy droid for its camera function only to find out that I couldn’t even operate it properly, it kept on going to the phone’s main menu for no apparent reason!! Ah well. I later found out that i’m just a klutz when it comes to gadgets and electronics. I do try, but what’s the point? Anyway back to the premier, the event began with a brief introduction of the film, thanking MOMA, its affiliates and the people involved in making everything a success. Then the full house crowd focused their attention to the big screen when the film started to play.

And what a film it was! I was completely blown away throughout the almost 2 hour flick and judging from the audience’s reaction-  they loved it as much as I did if not more. some were whistling,  some kept on clapping, some gave a standing ovation and the guy seated next to me took out his phone and began tweeting! The film’s ensemble has a bunch of impressive names which include Kevin Spacey(American Beauty), Jeremy Irons(Merchant of Venice), Paul Bettany(A Beautiful Mind), Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Mary Macdonell(Dances with Wolves), Zachary Quinto(Heroes), Demi Moore(Ashton Kutcher-LOL) and Penn Badgley(Gossip Girl). It is classified as a drama but I think it is more of a high drama-suspense genre. It kept me on the edge of my seat and even though I needed to relief myself badly, I held it till the premier wrapped up. Not bad eh? The low budgeted film which according to the director had cost about 3 million to produce, tells a fictional story of an unnamed wall street company that had set a domino effect on what would be the 2008 world economic crisis. It took the production crew 17 days to shoot with only 3 days instead of the planned 5 days to film scenes that had Jeremy Irons due to changes in scheduling and acquisition of visa for the Brit actor. Pretty amazing stuff eh? I will definitely watch the film again, it has already received rave reviews on this year’s Sundance Film Festival and in my opinion, it will only get better. Watch out for this folks!

My slow day turned out to be quite a night. Oh did I mention the after party? *devilish grin* A story to share for another day my lovelies. Enjoy the very brief video of Penn that I managed to capture.

Read the full review by Variety here and visit MOMA for more updates on events and news.



2 thoughts on “Just another Wednesday

  1. Hey Sis.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have no idea how else to contact you.. and I hope I am neither early or late..

    I know you are having fun..

    So all I want to say is god bless and have the time of your life.. Love you tons..

    Your sister from totally different parents, Nads

    Posted by Nadia Rosli | May 26, 2011, 2:03 pm
    • omg nadia!! saw this email right after i posted a new entry! must edit the content lah! lols…pls wish Sarah for me too sayang!

      my personal email add is ladynat@gmail.com. but you can always reach me via the blog as well 😀
      thanks for the birthday wish! my regards to both of yr parents.

      be good, write to me! xx

      Posted by andilovehim | May 27, 2011, 9:14 am

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