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Spring oh spring, where art thou?

it is true then. i was born to only withstand the tropical weather. this is only my second month in states and i have already turned into a frigid-with-skin-so-dried-out-no-lotion-and-moisturizer-is-ever-enough-26 year old babe hag.

i’m always scratching when people are not looking, but sometimes when i almost reach the brink of insanity, that is the urge to take a nail filer and file away all the itchy skin; i simply rub myself in public. the moral police can arrest me for all i care. it is that bad, i’m telling you. thankfully, my facial skin is not as awful. i’ve much appreciation for night creams and serums now more than ever.

last friday, the temp was up to 65F and i was wearing only my loose top walking around town embracing the warm comfort and enjoying the sun rays but alas, my joy was short-lived as it snowed, snowed the following day. it has been cold ever since. as low as 18F in the mornings. you see, i hate wearing layers. it’s just too much of a hassle. on average, i wear 4 layers inclusive of outerwear. would love to look fab and dandy but boy, layering is so not my thing. already i have my mum making blunt statements like, “Sha dah gemuk eh?” “Asal ibu nampak macam dah tembam ni?” That definitely doesn’t help, these encouragements that is. Ah well.

Feb seems like  a good month for two of my close gals back home though, Rina got hitched in a beautiful fashion and Shasha got engaged to her partner after being together for of 105years 😀 Haha. inside joke :p

so can’t complain much, what’s a bad weather compared to such happy happy news? congrats my darlings!

i will brave the snow, rain, wind and whatever that may come.

have a good one all. also, have a listen to adele‘s rolling in the deep. just let yourselves be mesmerized by her voice and the song’s infectious rhythm. hugs from nyc. till then,




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