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as of two weeks ago, i am no longer apart of the viral, infectious, addictive phenomenon that is Facebook. how i came to this decision is rather, well to put it plainly pretty sudden. random spontaneity if there is such a thing. i woke up one day and thought to myself, “hmm, boring-lah facebook ni”

went straight to my beloved+trusted Mac, typed http://www.facebook.com, logged in my ID+PW and went on terminating my account. i was asked the reason(s) why, and i simply stated: i’ve lost interest

in all honesty, this is the truth. the reason why i got into this whole FB mess was because of my previous gig at a publishing company back in ’08. i was encouraged to register as a user to enable me to stay connected with the people within the industry. to keep abreast with the happenings they say. i must admit that it didnt take me long to be completely hooked on all things FB. it was like a drug, the addiction was spellbinding. it was too much of everything, and yet i tried my best to not be swayed.

but like most things, anything that sizzles, fizzles eventually.

“but why Nat?” a friend asks. “macam dah tak best,” another friend gave me that puzzled look, followed by yet another friend whom i swore had rolled her eyes while trying to keep a straight face.

“i’m sure its just a phase, how can you live without Facebook?” yes, indeed. how do one survive in this fast-paced, selfish and sometimes crude era whereby everything is just a tap away? 8 out of 10 of my friends own either an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phones. all of them have the mobile FB apps on top of every other apps known to cyberworld. i tried giving a go at HTC’s Desire a couple months back and boy,i was blown away! the phone could do a whole lotta stuff and more! our relationship lasted for a month till i decided to stick to my Sony Ericsson’s W810 dinosaur model. i texted quicker, i can text while driving without taking my eyes off the road, if or when the phone accidently slips from my hands; i could just smile and say ‘oh well’, if or when i absentmindedly left my phone at public places with tons of people; i could come back within 30 mins(proven fact) and it would still be there untouched, just waiting for me to come bring it safe into my handbag. now, why would i trade that for anything more?

if or when i must have access to the net, i’m surrounded by friends who own all sort of thingamajigs. so why bother? i don’t need FB to keep myself updated, ’cause when i meet up with my favourite people, they will spill the beans without sparing any details out. all i need to do is either ask or wait for them to break the dam.

in the end, the power of word of mouth still triumphs. sure these social networks have influenced its power significantly, but one shouldn’t let oneself be enslaved to their charms and beauties.

take a step back. let time stand still and enjoy that moment.



2 thoughts on “the social network

  1. good fer u nat! bt u do know fb doesn’t delete entirely yur account rite? u have to manually delete everything in your account first i.e. pictures, videos, notes, etc, only then u close the account. or u can just deactivate the account n reactivated it in future, if u still want it lah 🙂

    Posted by xumb | October 22, 2010, 4:23 pm

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