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Kitar Semula

lovin’ the latest timberland ad! half way through the 1 min clip, i thought to myself “ni mesti pasal recycle nih” i was, sorta right. the famed fashion brand is promoting its new range of earthkeepers boots. impressed the hell outta me! watch the ad and you’ll get what i mean. towards the end, viewers can’t help but to think about the idea of recycling. i know i certainly did. it prompted me to finish off my draft. i can’t go on to publish an unfinished post now can i? been sitting on this one for quite sometime, glad that i came across this clip, the timing couldn’t be more ideal.

recycling has been an ongoing issue in our beloved motherland. we are not as progressive as other countries in promoting this lifestyle such as Singapore and the U.K but we are slowly getting some traction from both the government and its citizens.

case in point, try googling kitar semula and see the results that appear before your eyes. i can’t seem to find the website/page that specifically caters to those looking for the much needed info. you’ll have to open several links which will then link you to other links that will then link you to..aaahh, how tedious this is!

i started to take on recycling after watching pixar’s Wall-E. yes, it takes an adorable robot to grow me a conscience  on the deteriorating state of our environment and mother nature. again, please watch the film and you will get my point. i don’t want to be a 100 over kg person in the year 2030 or so (god-willing) surrounded by tons of garbage and polluted air. i want to be able to live healthily and to witness trees outliving my ancestors.

and thus my journey to lead the recycling lifestyle begun. i started small, with no knowledge on how to do it properly and efficiently. all i did was separating the garbage into plastics, paper and cans(aluminum). then sometime back i came across an article entitled ‘the joy of recycling’ in reader’s digest asia and it sparked the determination i never knew i had. both you and i have been complacent and taken this matter for granted. we know that something needs to be done, but it’s okay – let’s procrastinate summore. let someone else handle the burden and guilt. Malaysia has plenty of unused lands, tanam lah sampah kat sana, takde hal punya. this is sad, but i’m afraid it is the reality that we are presently facing.

i’m lucky to have a recycling centre just behind my neighbourhood. it is being operated by a group of dedicated volunteers who do this out of passion and determination. so every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month i will make my way there to deposit my contributions. you can choose whether to donate your recyclables or receive payment in return. it is not much but i suspect it is a tactic that they use to lure more people to come and make a contribution. sooner or later it’ll be less about the money and more for the cause. at least that is how i would justify it.

so by the 3rd month, i’ve become somewhat an expert in recycling the right way, thanks to reader’s digest and countless online articles. for instance, not all plastics are recycled the same way. bottle caps usually are made from a different polymer type than of the bottle itself and require a certain melting point. therefore it is best to separate the two items starting from the initial process at home. read more on recycling etiquette here.

i am still learning to improve myself and to take it to the next level in preserving mother nature, that is managing and monitoring the usage of electricity. this proves to be difficult, coupled with pressing obstacles given the world that we live in. the large usage of electronics i.e smartphones, laptops & mp3s amongst us does not bode well in the attempt to save the environment. to me, it seems the smarter a smartphone is, the more battery it consumes. to charge a phone every night, almost always result in over charging and indirectly contributes to energy wastage.

i’m aware that it is easier said than done. try starting small, take baby steps. make sure there is a recyclable shopping bag, placed nicely and visibly in your car. for you ladies, chuck the foldable bag into your handbag so that you don’t forget to use it whenever you are out shopping! try your best to avoid collecting those pretty looking paper+plastic bags, especially the branded ones! ’cause they’ll ultimately end up in the bin anyways, so where’s the point in that?

remember, baby steps. all the best!



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