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my very own gastronomical (mis)adventures

M is for Makan

Looking back, I should have started this blog with Food as the main topic of discussion. I love to eat, love to think about eating, love to cook (though, I do have my moments) and anything related to the subject of food. If someone were to ask me whether I live to eat or eat to live, I would pause in a moment of awkward silence and ponder on it for a bit before responding. The lines between the two seem a little blurry, but then again I can say with absolute confidence that I’m not the only one caught in this so called dilemma. To choose the former would paint a profile of a person who is an ultimate glutton(somewhat) and to choose the latter would mean that he is simply being logical. Both reflects opposing extremes that are too definitive for my liberal mind to accept. I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences in this department. I daresay that I am not fussy when it comes to food however, I do have issues with the services rendered by the eateries and their management.  I draw a line at crappy table and customer service.  My recent trip to Good Evening Bangkok in One Utama shopping mall was a disastrous one to say the least. Granted, it was Ramadhan and most if not all restaurants were packed with hungry Muslims waiting not so patiently to place their orders and for their food to be served before the evening prayer’s Azan recital; of which is an indication that they were allowed to break their fast. To my utter dismay, my dinner party and I were left waiting for over an hour to get our food served without any attempt of explanation or reassurance for our peace of mind. The situation was not handled professionally and although in the end, a 10% discount of total bill was offered as compensation, the damage had taken place. Sad to say that this was not my first awful experience at GEB. The very same thing happened last year during the fasting month and as a result I made a mental note to myself that I would not visit the restaurant again. But I went against my better judgment and did the complete opposite. Perhaps I thought it will be different and better this time around. It is a shame really as I sincerely enjoyed my chosen dishes, it wasn’t spectacular but truly, it was not bad at all. Through my anger and frustration, I somehow manage to savour each taste and chuck my feelings aside till I was done with my dinner. Will I ever pay another visit to GEB in the  future? I’m almost positively certain that I will not. Delicious and scrumptious food are in abundance, they are not (that)hard to be found but commendable service and hospitality in the F&B industry are one in a million nowadays that most patrons tend to remember bad encounters than those of pleasant ones plus, it is something that I am quite anal about.
We Malaysians love to makan, best not to mess and test our tolerance and serve us well.



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