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I read therefore I’m (well) read.

I remember reading articles and study papers on the deteriorating state of Malaysians reading habit or lack of sometime ago. This issue, in my point of view needs some serious attention and should be addressed intelligently. Because as regretful as it is for me to admit this, not all share the same concern as I do. I am most certain there are a huge number of Malaysians out there who think that this matter ought to be tackled before it gets any worse. Why isn’t reading a popular past time? Is it due to deficiency of exposure? The overwhelming alternative ways to procure information maybe? The likes of internet and television come to mind. Or perhaps it boils down to self interest alone? As a child, my parents tried their best to push me into the habit of reading. I resisted in the early years of my childhood, preferring to spend my after school hours in the playground with my friends, talking to my imaginary friend, talking to myself and play pretend in otherwise fully scheduled days filled with tuition classes, completing homework and house chores. Picking up a book did not interest me at all. Why should it? Having spent hours in schools (I attended a public and private religious school) and few more at home pouring my brains on text books and blackboards, the last thing I want is to devour more reading materials. Be it fictional or academic, they were one and the same to me. It wasn’t till I was in my early teens did I seek solace in Nancy Drew and the Bookworm series. Reading became my passion, something I really couldn’t help myself with. Books were my truest companion and eventual problem at that point of time as my new found hobby became a distraction to my academic performance. I fell in love with fiction. I fell hard and deep with (almost) all of the fictional characters in the books I’ve read. They gave me the chance to explore my imagination to the furthest of possibilities. Then of course, I loomed into my 20s and I developed a new craving towards non-fiction and the likes. Biographies, compilations, short stories, and research findings were taking up my bookshelves space. The ‘need to know’ in me took precedence and somehow boosted my self confidence. I get fairly excited whenever and however unexpectedly, no matter the circumstance to be handed opportunities to share the knowledge I’ve gained through my readings all these years. The feeling is inexplicable. Still, I do know I have more to learn and the process will never end. There is no such thing as a complete and wholesome know-it-all individual. Knowledge is abundance and limitless.  Zaid Ibrahim said in his book I, too, am Malay (and I’m paraphrasing here,) “Young {Malay}Malaysians should start cultivating a reading habit. Read anything that might capture your interests by any means so long that you read”, I’m positive that what he said can be applied to all Malaysians regardless of backgrounds and beliefs. Start small, pick up a daily newspaper that costs an average of RM1.50 or explore second-hand bookstores within your area to get the best deals on books and magazines. If you are internally hooked to the Internet like most people are nowadays, utilize its vast power to equip yourselves with the necessary knowledge to succeed in life. Though I obviously have a preference towards the old fashion method of reading(to actually have a book in my hands), most publications can now be found online. All time favorites such as Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine, and our very own daily newspapers have gone cyberspace to adapt to current times. There are more to life  than Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Messengers, Skype and whatnots.

Lets be smart and make time to better ourselves by gaining more.

Knowledge is indeed power, never let anyone tell you otherwise.



2 thoughts on “I read therefore I’m (well) read.

  1. ooo saw this blog off your fb update, hmm you really should look into buying an ebook reader, won’t regret this. Best lover i spent my cash on this baby. check it out: (http://mybebook.com/6-inch-ereaders/c14/p25/bebook-neo-ereader/product_info.html)

    every single book i want i have now (something like close to 40gb of books!!!) and god i barely get any sleep anymore … so much to read so little time!!

    and gotta tell ya, knowledge is indeed power if you use it right hehe. chat with me and recommend me some good reading when you get the time, c ya

    Posted by daftfunked | September 23, 2010, 2:48 pm
    • good to know that we are on the same page on something 🙂 i have plenty to recommend, but right now i’m to busy trying to keep up with Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. it’s challenging my knowledge or lack thereof on architecture. maybe you should give it a try hun, and let me know. catch you online

      Posted by andilovehim | September 24, 2010, 6:22 am

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