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Proud momma

I finally did it. After years of longing and contemplation, I listened to the voice within and succumbed  to my over readiness. That resulted me ending up with two most adorable and lovable 2 month old kittens. Honestly I don’t know how to begin my story, as everything happened rather quick with little hesitation if any at all. We were window shopping at Tropicana City when we saw a modest exhibition of sorts showcasing fury animals in need of adoption. Yep, you heard me right! These animals were rescued from various places and scenarios by a bunch of fully dedicated men and women who are committed to the cause. After we were briefed on what and how the campaign operates by a friendly staff organizer, almost immediately I set my eyes on the 2 kittens that I ultimately adopted. McD gave me the nodded approval as I was practically jumping up and down and was giving him no chance to disagree with me or the idea of adoption. The process was not as tiresome as I though it would be. Lisa, the rescuer of my beautiful kittens was very thorough with my application request. She conducted a swift but detailed interview session with the both of us and decided to give the green light to adopt. We discussed the matters of taking care of my new pets followed by exchanging handshakes and hugs. Then it dawned to me; I was officially a happy mother of 2 adopted nameless babies. Both McD and I went straight to the nearest(and only) pet store at the mall and bought the basic starter kit which includes the food, litter+box, and cage. We were both anxious, particularly myself as I was nervous on what to expect and whether or not I am able to deliver. The contract I signed with Lisa states that she or any NGO representatives have the right to check on my progress and if they find that I’m unfit to take care of the kittens, I will then am required to surrender my babies to them.

Well, no pressure whatsoever here.

When I got home, my mother awaited for my arrival and to my shock had anticipated my actions. She saw them and instead of screaming her lungs out, all she said was, “Alamak, habislah rumah.” Followed by, “You bought 2 kittens? TWO!?” All she had to offer afterwards was smiles upon smiles to Pepper and Ollie. Yep again, with the help of both Amal and McD, I came up with their names. Cute eh? I have no proper rationalization on the chosen names just that they suit my babies sweetly and perfectly well.

My day now starts and ends with me spending time with my newly adopted kittens. I feel only joy and compassion when I’m around them. What a feeling. What a bliss. For now.

* Visit http://www.petfinder.com.my and http://www.petstermagazine.com/ for more details on how to adopt a pet and share their cause. Learn how to do your part to combat strays and help these animals to have comfortable shelters. They deserve all the kindness you can offer.



2 thoughts on “Proud momma

  1. kudos nat! SWEEET! put up pics of pepper & ollie pls!

    Posted by xumb | May 28, 2010, 7:39 pm

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