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Too much TV can make you stupid.

They don’t call it the Idiot Box for nothing.

I love TV dramas. From American series, Korean+Jap soaps, Telenovelas, our very own Cerekarama and the highly addictive Chinese dramas, well at least I used to back then in the 90s. There was an Astro production drama entitled Idaman that got me glued to the TV screen without fail whenever its aired, nevermind that it got draggy and oh so-predictable over time till I decided to give it a pass especially when the lead characters played beautifully by Deanna Yussof and Dato’ Jalaludin Hassan were subsequently terminated from the show. I don’t remember how they were wrote off but yeah, that was that.

And then there was a Chinese police drama that gained plenty of cult followers due to its awesome(least at the time) story line. I was so hooked and so were my school pals, neighbours, tuition buddies and the old folks who loved nothing more than watching their favourite soap on the TV. I’m almost sure it was called Detective Police Story 1, 2 & 3. Been trying to Google it, but can’t seem to get the desired search results. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.

Telenovelas+K&J dramas are equivalent to recreational drugs. Both are dangerously addictive and can/may incur brain damage, I kid you not. It may seem as if I’m painting an exaggerated picture but yes, dramas such as mis tres hermanas, la usurpadora,winter sonata, full house, coffee prince, hana kimi are annoyingly and amazingly addictive. One simply can’t get enough episodes and the need to know is absurdly unbelievable. I guess it is true what they say: language is no barrier. Of course there’s an aide in the form of subtitles of your choice, but still to have fanatics waiting anxiously for new episodes to stream online and only to have them  blog about anything related to the TV series is ridiculous.

The lines between what is real and fiction have been blurred over time thus making most of us slaves to our very own Idiot Box. To make things worse, we now have the convenience of having to download our beloved dramas to the computer instead of waiting for the local channels to broadcast them. More the reason for us to be chained to the black hole that is addiction to fictional characters and cliched plots.

The 90s have passed, I no longer watch Cerekarama(mostly because there is nothing that captures my interest) nor Chinese series (just because) but I have developed  a liking to American, Canadian and UK television series. My current loves are House M.D, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Castle, Life Unexpected, The Closer, Royal Pain, Fringe, Burn Notice, Leverage, Grey’s Anatomy, Greek, Friday Night Lights, A Little Mosque on the Prairie, Merlin, Skins, and The Border. These dramas are both intriguing and appealing on so many levels at times I feel overwhelmed by the fake reality that the characters confidently portray. Though I do have quite a number of former loves, some of which have stopped airing due to budget cuts+ low ratings and some I’d feel as if they have lost their appeal namely; CSI, Mad Men, The Cleaner, Veronica Mars, Dirty Sexy Money, Lie to me, Heroes, Jericho to name a few. I admit that I am no different from the rest of the addicts out there, I’m guilty of voluntarily killing my brain cells with each passing seconds I waste in front of the screens and I’m at fault for letting myself become the victim of TV madness land.

I will try my best to curb this addiction and to practice moderation in everything I do, and not just what pertains to my favourite TV dramas. This is going to be hard, a challenge indeed. What can I say? I’m a sucker for all things fictional 🙂



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