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If you don’t have the chops, please don’t trash the original

Those close to me would know that i dislike Beyonce. Sure she’s got talent, close to perfect figure with unbelievable flexibility, beautiful, and yes she can sing. Other than the tune from her multi-platinum debut album, also entitled Dangerously In Love, there is no other song that has captured my attention. Okay, sure her most of her songs are catchy with infectious melodies but that is my point exactly – the songs are too catchy, too loud, too repetitive, too everything! and boy, her voice! while others generally agree that it is easy on the ears, to me she shrieks(or close to) half the time in every song. Don’t get me started on the musical film in which she was the leading lady; Dreamgirls which also had won numerous awards and garnered plenty of acknowledgments from both the press and public, for reasons unknown to me. I watched the movie with Amal regretting till this day the decision i made wanting to catch it on the big screen. I remember leaving the cinema hall halfway through a number sung by Ms Knowles. To my ears, it wasn’t the beautiful act of singing, she was practically screaming till the end of the tune. Well okay, i gave the benefit of doubt since it was an emo cum dramatic film. Emphasis on the drama bit. But come on, seriously! how and why she was nominated for the Globes that year is beyond my comprehension.

Moving on, yesterday I found myself in the mood to reminisce the year I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and my new found admiration for his acting skills(nice save huh?) so I visited YouTube, typed ‘romeo & juliet’ (that is the first flick by him that I ever watched) and a whole list of the movie osts appeared. one of my favourite songs- Kissing You by Des’ree was among the top hits. while the video loads, I scrolled down the comment(s) section and decided to give it a read through. One post caught my attention as it says that “…this version is so much better than Beyonce’s..”, imagine my horror as I silently screamed WTF in my mind. No, Ms Knowles did not, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t dare to mutilate such a sad, beautiful song. I clicked on the video link and watched in yet another horror as the ‘mutlitalented’ Beyonce killed, killed the ‘it’ factor that made the song great in the first place – Des’ree’s soulfully haunting vocals.  Plus she altered the lyrics and made it into a jiwang yang meluat song. Oh, nevermind the MTV clip, it was typical Beyonce in almost nothing to cover her (lack of) modesty. Haha. Least she got sued for copyright infringement. Padan muka.

Check out the two videos and judge them yourselves. You might or might not share my views, but hey – this is my blog 🙂

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