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Proud momma

I finally did it. After years of longing and contemplation, I listened to the voice within and succumbed  to my over readiness. That resulted me ending up with two most adorable and lovable 2 month old kittens. Honestly I don’t know how to begin my story, as everything happened rather quick with little hesitation if … Continue reading


I grew up thinking that I had self-image issues. Imagine being a student all through my school years, fully convinced that I was different from the rest of my peers. I’m referring to my physical appearance of course. It is not what you may be thinking though, I did not have body issues. My weight … Continue reading

Too much TV can make you stupid.

They don’t call it the Idiot Box for nothing. I love TV dramas. From American series, Korean+Jap soaps, Telenovelas, our very own Cerekarama and the highly addictive Chinese dramas, well at least I used to back then in the 90s. There was an Astro production drama entitled Idaman that got me glued to the TV … Continue reading

If you don’t have the chops, please don’t trash the original

Those close to me would know that i dislike Beyonce. Sure she’s got talent, close to perfect figure with unbelievable flexibility, beautiful, and yes she can sing. Other than the tune from her multi-platinum debut album, also entitled Dangerously In Love, there is no other song that has captured my attention. Okay, sure her most … Continue reading