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M.O.H yet again

the last time i was appointed/selected/requested to be someone’s maid of honour, i resented the very idea of it. i honestly do not see any point of being a temporary PA to a bride to be; on her way to experience a life changing journey. but most of all, i did not want to suffer the wrath of a bridezilla. but i found out that it was not easy to decline such a request. especially if the person requesting it is a relative. in my case, it was my cousin. we were once close, but like most typical(in my book) families we drifted apart as the years gone by. we only see each other during festivities, ceremonial affairs and family gatherings. this arrangement was, quite frankly alright with me. because if we had to meet on a slightly regular basis, we would have died due to putting up pleasantries and act as if we truly cared for one another. i might come off a wee bit harsh, but this is indeed the reality of my family dynamics. we do not hate  one another, it is what it is. we were and are comfortable blurring the lines of civility and friendliness.

however, when a close friend of mine bluntly suggested (she assumed that i was going to agree regardless) that i’m to be her MOH, i was to my own surprise quite delighted. several factors came to mind;

1. i’m in my mid-late 20s.not getting my youth back.

2. she’s nicer than my cousin.

3. i’ll be missing her wedding. least i could do is to plan her engagement.

4. i’m ecstatic in knowing that of all her friends, she chose me!

all things considered, i found myself warming to the idea of becoming her PA and sounding board through out the processes of her engagement and wedding ceremonies. the latter bit is of course till before i fly off and make my way to the States. she’ll have to find a replacement worthy of me soon after, or maybe best if she has a list of possible candidates ready at the soonest possible? is this part of the job of a MOH? what if her expectations are hard to meet? this is a wedding after all. everything must be prefect, down to the teeniest details. oh my, why am i freaking out unnecessarily at this moment? could the pressure be getting to me already?

i think i’ll make a terrible MOH.

ah, let the fun and chaos begin!



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