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who the hell is Justin Bieber?

we were on PLUS highway driving back to JB from KL. we were passing a R&R stop somewhere between the states of Melaka and Johor Bharu when a song(supposedly a current hit tune) was airing on FlyFM.

personally i thought the song was bland. if someone were to ask me, “hey, describe this song in one word ,” my reply to him would simply be ‘bland.’ i have not been listening to the radio much. partly because most commercialized radio stations keep on playing the same playlist every other hour or so. and partly because of the amount of adverts they air every other 5 minutes or so. i am aware of the power of electronic media as a marketing tool. the business and entertainment industry would probably be crippled if radio stations ceased to exist. but hey, sometimes the masses just need to hear music, no more no less.

..where was i again, ah yes, the bland tune. so i found out the singer goes by the name of Justin Beaver. eh hang on a sec, it could be Justin Bieber or was it not? anyways, Rina and Fahmy filled me in on this Bieber character and i was half amused on how much they actually know about him! and here i thought that the Jonas Brothers are the current ‘all that and more’. it is funny how i came to know about the brothers in the first place. not because of their musical talents or lack of, but it is because of their purity pledges. the media made such a huge fuss till it made headlines in entertainment dailies and magazines.  what evs.

which brings us back to mr Bieber. Fahmy said he owns a Ferarri. wtf. his videos(yes plural) feature Usher and Ludacris. wtf. he is barely of the legal age limit. wtf. he is without talent and yet his supposedly hit songs have been dominating the local and international music charts! wtf.

before both Rina and Fahmy could opened their mouths to explain who the singer was, what i thought they would say was “this is Joanna Bieber,’ instead of “this is Justin Bieber,” i swear  that my initial conclusion was of that this girl cannot carry a tune to save her life.

i still believe that i’m right. till the day comes for his voice to hit puberty, i shall assume that he is a girl in disguise. whether we like it or not, we’ll be hearing his(her) songs flooding the radio airwaves.

oh well.



2 thoughts on “who the hell is Justin Bieber?

  1. yeaa…who the hell is Justin “Joanna” Bibber, man?

    Posted by gg | April 27, 2010, 12:21 pm

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