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Please call me ‘Sayang’

“Oppa, saranghae!” is a phrase I’ll never utter to a man. More like it’s doubtful I’ll ever get the chance to, unless I somehow manage to snag a Korean fella along the way. I like the ring to the word, it sounds respectful but at the same time, it gives away a hint of ‘something’ … Continue reading


  • can you resist the urge to covet for something that is close to being forbidden? i know the saying that 'everything is possible', but how do you muster the strength to deny wanting something that is so beyond your reach, that even if you are given a slight glimmer of hope, you know deep within the core of your being that it is just not possible to want what you covet most. wanting the impossible. yearning for something that is never going to materialize. longing for a beautiful reality that will forever remain a fantasy. imagination running wild much? well, yes. but it is common knowledge that we will never be truly satisfied with what we already have in our lives. we can never quite reach the highest tier of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which is the elusive self-actualism because to put it plainly, enough is never actually enough for us mere mortals. we are special beings, that we are. so what is attraction to you? in what form does it present itself to you? how does that initial attraction then fully transform to something as potent as a temptation? to me, attraction is a positive force that enables a person to explore the unknown but somehow familiar territory of endless possibilities. but what happens after? now that you know the attraction is mutual, what is the next step to take? will you now be tempted to do something that is expected of you? if there is a clear line that has been drawn in the early stages of an attraction (sans raging hormones, imbalanced body chem levels and all), will you be tempted to do what your heart desires? i personally relate temptations to something that is obviously not good or right for me, (imagine bright neon lights flashing every nano second, constantly reminding me to be strong and not limp at the first sight of it) in the sense that, i know by giving in to my temptations, i will eventually have to bear the consequences and live to learn from them. i've seen some people who are able to sweep aside what they may be feeling and not let themselves be easily swayed by the sweet, oh sweet temptation. they put logic above all and let their brains do the thinking, and not the other flattering parts of their body. but sadly, only these selected few possess the ability to think rationally and not allow their emotions get the best of them. bunch of super humans if you ask me. ah well. resistance is futile. only you can be the judge of your own actions, whether to succumb yourself to this game of emotions, where there are no proper manuals and restrictions on how the game should be played; the outcome can either be devastating or whatever the opposite of devastating is. but one can always hope for a win-win situation. one can only hope. good luck!